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Base information

The village Hodiškov is situated in district Žďár nad Sázavou, region Vysočina, 12 km near town Žďár nad Sázavou. There are 148 inhabitants – 71 men and 77 women (88 in economic age) in 56 houses (1. 1. 2010). The average age is 40,6 years. The area of village is 514 ha.

From history

The oldest report about Hodiškov is from 1417, where the disagreement between Žďár's priest and Jan and Čeněk from Lipé was settled. The oldest documents about the first settlers are dated from 1462 and 1483. The local Konáč's kin owned the court in 15th centrury and known printer, translator and publisher Mikuláš Konáč originated from this court. His privileges was approved in 1607 by Dietrichstein cardinal and death law was provided to settlers by Maximilán Dietrichstein from 1670. There were 8 old courtes during the founding of new cartulary (1653). The villige belonged to Estate of Žďár till 1850, subsequently was this village as a separate one in jurisdiction of Žďár. The Reeve house was owned by Linsbauer in 1813 – 1945, who supported the village and its vicinity. This house was rebuilt to current appearance of mansion. Prussian army was moved across Hodiškov in 1866 and they were accomoddated here during Prussian – Austrian war.


The chapel of St. Cyril and Metoděj (1877), Rock cross on the road to Obyčtov (1857), former Reeve House (rebuilt in second half of 19th century), Starch factory (1880), Monument of I. Word War victims (built in 1928), two signifiant lime trees (set in 1918 and 1968).

Tourism information

Hodíškov is situated in the border of Žďárské vrchy, the heaven of hiking. Santini bicycle route nr. 103 (road nr. 354) is led across Hodíškov. Ski centrum (with Ski Hotel) near Nové Město na Moravě offers a great winter sport activities and conditions (it is the place of Golden Ski and International contest Tour de Ski).
Hodíškov – Chapel of St. Cyril and Metoděj

Hodíškov – New park on village square and small castle (former Reeve House)

Hodíškov – Monument of I. Word War victims

Hodíškov – Southern view from pond Pancina

Hodíškov – Football team

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